Vintage Porn ~ Part Two

You will find the first lot of vintage porn in this section…A lot of it is soft porn, but not all!

The trouble with my original sections is that they all got to big, and you had to scroll down too far, people got fed up!

So any new, I will add here…enjoy!

Like most of my stuff, it is predominantly ff or f solo

90 photos

She’s a saucy young madam! Needs a spanking!
I have an antique wooden dildo and have seen girls use it…very sexy! Especially when dressed in Victorian outfits with bloomers
I love to see vintage girls fingering each other
Pass me a birch….quick!’
Bedpost fucking…always loved it. Imagine all these lusty girls in service, satisfying themselves in candle light
If ever a face has said ….”ohhhhh yeah!” …hers is!
Love it! Go for it….fast, deep and furious!

Love it when a girl looks too innocent for hat she is doing.
Now be honest, you did not expect her to do this did you?
I wonder what they are saying? “Oh no, you can trust him, nobody will ever see these, so open your legs and show what you have got.”
Top half innocent!
…but the bottom half tells another story…oh you naughty girl!
Now let’s compare this girl to the one above!
…naughty from top to bottom, and loving it!
Both have just fingered the other to orgasm
Nice bush! I can just imagine it crinkling against my nose as I lick!

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