Kate’s Second Visit to Miss Kenworthy

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…Miss Kenworthy was not at all surprised to see Kate again a few days after she put a lovely pattern on her bottom with the plimsol. She had been caught smoking, twice in a week.

Actually Miss Kenworthy was pleased to see her as she came through the door, and smiled. Kate smiled back…”I have been naughty again Miss Kenworthy.”

“Yes I know Kate, that is why you are on report!” Miss Kenworthy could not help but giggle.

She turned serious, and told Kate that she was not old enough to smoke and that it damages a person’s health.

“You can get yourself bent over the spanking rack, and feel two dozen of the strap on your bare buttocks young lady!”

‘Yes Miss.”

She bent over. The thought of Miss Kenworthy baring her bottom by pulling down her knickers sent a thrill through her pussy. As the knickers were pulled down by her, she saw a trickle of excitement running down her inner thigh.

Which was quite a coincidence, because she felt one run down hers too. Without delay twelve blistering cracks were expertly delivered to her welcoming cheeks. She screamed and jumped, but wished it was 36 not 24, or even more.

She will be back soon no doubt, I hope you will be too. Nice to have you along!

Want to know a secret?…..it’s the cane next!