The Slave Girl ~ Part 3

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Charlotte, the Mistress of ‘spanky’ her slave girl, began to educate her in the ways of Gorean life. “Do you know anything of Gor?”

‘No Mistress.’

“Good. I am pleased, I want no pre conceived ideas. All you need to know for now is that I am your Mistress, I have absolute power, I have an addiction to punishment, and will punish your beautiful bottom often, wether it is needed or not. It is done at my whim.”

‘Thank you Mistress. Good…I am pleased.’

Mistress smiled at her mimicry. ” …you need to learn basics. First, you must understand that slave positions exist, and all have names. You will learn every one. Once learnt, you assume them instantly, no matter where we are. Understood?”

‘Yes Mistress.’

“We will begin with Nadu. The position of a pleasure slave. You are my pleasure girl Spanky. Kneel down, and place your bottom on your heels. Knees wide apart.”

The natural way she slid into position pleased Mistress.

“I will use you sexually, I will expect you to pleasure my need often. I am going to feel you moistness, I hope to find you slippery.” She knelt and felt at Spanky’s pussy.

She was delighted to find that her slit was as wet as it could possibly be. She fingered her gently. You like?”

‘God! Yessss! I find everything you say perfect. I am so excited and cannot wait to pleasure you.”

If you look under her arm in this photo, you can just see Mistress. If you look between the slave’s legs, you can see Mistress’s fiddling fingers burying themselves in Spanky’s wet cunt.

Her first orgasm at the fingers of Mistress rattled through her body, her muscles from neck to thigh twitching and convulsing, as she gasped and moaned erotically.

Charlotte was pleased with her choice, she made lovely noises and had a fabulous orgasm face.

She gave her two minutes to compose herself and then showed her how to do ‘Ko-lar’ a position of submission, a position to take the collar. “I will do a ceremony with you one day. I am going to have your collar engraved. It will say ‘Property of Mistress Charlotte’, you will be owned.”

Spanky smiled proudly, still red in the face and dribbling lightly from her slit.

“When I put the collar on you, you need to take the correct position.”

“It is very similar to Nadu, but with arms extended”. She instructed her once more.

Mistress Charlotte told Spanky that at the ceremony, she will have to put her hands together in a particular way, lift them above her head, and look down.

But that was all for now, next, it was punishment time…