Lucette Desmoulins

Lucette Desmoulins

A model, seen in the photos of Beiderer and Ostra, she pops up all over the vintage pages of my site and blog.

Lucette was also an actress known for a few movies: Le bossu (1934), Un soir de réveillon (1933) and 77 rue Chalgrin (1931) She also appeared in musicals: Ma Femme (1927), Flossie (1929), Arsène Lupin, banquier …

I have actually seen some stills of her in one, as a maid….very spankable!

Here is one, the film is a romantic musical of the 1930’s called ‘Un soir de révellion’

Here she is as the maid.

I wonder if they saw her like this first?

No wonder she got the part….smoulderingly sexy!

Here are some more, lots more on my site if you search…

You will find a whole section on smoking girls if you like them.

Reading a spanking novel and smacking her own bottom at the ‘best bits’.

A handsome man, I wonder if he is one of the Biederer brothers?

Imagine a day, like a day at my studio. In between shoots girls go for a cuppa, at lunch they catch up on social media as they eat. In the Ostra / Biederer studio, Lucette did much the same. Here she is having a quiet moment, maybe at lunch, in between sets. She has been spanked in the morning shoot, and cleverly, Jaques or maybe his brother has taken a clever up skirt shot, showing her ‘sit spot’ and bottom still red from a spanking, or two…or three!