The Slave Girl – Part 4

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…it was time to see how her new slave girl reacted to punishment. Charlotte was excited, Spanky the slave girl was too, but also anxious and desperately wanting to please.

“Follow me.” Said Charlotte, and she took her to a small frame, to position her.

She tied the rope from her Gorean Slave collar to the frame, and told her to stand with legs apart and straight. “I am giving you six of the best with my cane.” Announced Charlotte.

She walked to Spanky’s left side, flexing the cane, she could tell by the movement of her head that her slave girl was following her feet. The vast empty room went eerily quiet. Distant sound of traffic, bird call, and a barking dog were noticed by them both. She took her stance.

As she took aim, the sun went behind a cloud, cool air drifted in through the open windows, and made goose bumps cover their flesh.

It was like some kind of ceremony, Charlotte stood there for a whole minute, cane raised, watching the nervous quivering body, and the twitching expectant bottom.

CRACK! The silence was broken by the whistle of a swishing one metre length of best German yellow rattan which struck the glorious cheeks dead centre. Spanky let out a long wail…

“Owwwwwwwww, oooooooh oh ohhhh.” But held her position well.

The scream and whack echoed through the open windows into the outside world, Spanky gripped, and Charlotte raised the pulsating cane again…

To be continued…