Anne Cherie and Jane.

Three lovely models of the sixties appeared in many magazines, I have featured them in other areas of my blog, and how nice it is now, to know their names.

Like lots of models at the time they had professions too.

Anne was a nurse. Cherie had a degree in music and was pursuing a future in that area, and was a little more serious about a career in modelling too, winning a fair few beauty contests. And Jane was a salesgirl, who also had a promising future in modelling.

Anne Grainger, Cherie Scott and Jane Rennie.

If you search you can find lots of shoots they did. My favourite was this, a picnic…

Here are some I colourised…

Jane on the left, Anne being spanked and Cherie on the right.

Here are some more…

“Bet you can’t catch me Mr Jones!”

‘Oh yes I can!’

“Will you spank me when you catch me?”


“Oh dear, my heel is stuck in the mud, looks like you have me Mr.Jones!!!”

I love the idea of girls this age behaving like young school girls.