Kate’s Third Visit to Miss Kenworthy

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Miss Kenworthy lived alone, and after school she often thought of the girls she punished and the sights and sounds of those young round cheeks being spanked or caned…

Two girls out of the hundreds she had to punish in her job as Head of Discipline at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls came to her mind frequently as she rubbed her wet pussy. ( see https://www.spanking-emporium.co.uk/spanking-emporium/?p=5930 )


They were Charlotte and Kate. She imagined owning them, like maids in frilly outfits, to punish and use.

Unbeknown to Miss Kenworthy, Kate felt the same, and she too thought of her whilst masturbating.

Usually at her desk, the smell of the school and cool wood on her bottom made her think of her spankings.

Charlotte had another year to go, but sadly Kate was leaving soon, and unusually had asked if she could come to see Miss Kenworthy a week or so before she did. So after school Miss Kenworthy waited at the allotted time. A knock on the door was followed quickly by Kate, who burst into the room crying!

“Oh Kate! Whatever is the matter?

“You! You are the matter!” She sobbed. “I have fallen in love with you….and..and…”

“And what?”

“I love my punishments! I don’t ever want them to end! I need them so much. I think I am going mad. I leave soon, and feel like my life is coming to an end! I am so sad….” Kate spluttered through her snot and tears.

Miss Kenworthy sat her down and explained her own feelings and offered her the post of live in maid! Kate was dying to get her own place and leave her home, so she said “Yes, yes! Fucking hell! YESSSSSS!” So, in the briefest of moments their wishes came true.

“First, you need a bare bottom caning for bad language!”

“Oh yes please Mistress! Can I call you Mistress in my job?”

“You may. I will pay you, but I shall expect jobs to be done correctly, perfectly, or else!”

“I will make sure I am very lax in my duties then Mistress.”

Miss Kenworthy laughed. ” Cheeky maid! Get over there and bare your bottom!”

With her bottom presented high and bare, Miss Kenworthy laid it on hard and fast.

No matter how much a submissive wants it, the pain of a cutting cane never fails to surprise and schock, especially when given full force and at speed. Both were in spanking heaven…

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