Annette French

Another girl from the 1960’s who liked to have her naughty bottom spanked on camera, this time a secretary (and avid stamp collector!) from Glasgow.

She loved to play a girl in a predicament, like this naughty girl caught scrumping, who tries to run away only to be caught up in the barbed wire. She is then caught by the orchard owner who after pulling her panties down…(oh, I ought to say she was a collector of knickers too!)…spanks her!

Here are some more predicaments for her…

If you behave like a spoilt naughty girl Annette, you can act like it before my friends! Now get to the window with your doll’s pram and keep hold of it whilst I spank you before them!

What the hell are you doing on a sledge in summer? Silly girl! Stay as you are, I’m going for my slipper!

What more does a man want? She likes to be spanked, collects underwear and loves to show it off whilst you….well, you know!

This is a wonderful ‘I need a spanking’ look isn’t it?

Yes dear, I do love your bottom and would like to spank it!