Happy Customers Become Friends – Part 3

To understand you ought to read parts one and two. Here is a link to part two which has a link to part one…


…after spanking Charlotte and Kate, Emma asked if she could be spanked by them. She kept to the role of Victorian Mistress and her maids.

In candle light the girls and Mistress talked about spanking as they spent a while at the dressing table. Then they moved into position and Emma described what she needed.

She asked, “First a hand spanking, then the strap. Do it real, I mean hard and fast. Only stop when you think my bottom is red enough. Do not listen to me begging you to stop…punish me. I need a proper spanking.”

So they did., soon moving on to the strap! ..

TheY did indeed spank her until they felt satisfied, taking it in turns, hard fast whacks. Leather slapping into soft red swollen buttock time and time again. “Stop, stop…please that’s enough, stop owwwww ohhhhhh stop stop, enough….owwwwwwwww owwwwwwwww owwwwwwww!!!!”

As instructed, they ignored her pleas and thrashed Emma’s bottom!

When satisfied the girls soothed, kissed and stroked her well spanked bottom…

And so ended Emma’s visit. We hope she comes again…