Fullarton, Bearsden Girls, and Harry Fischer, all in Accord…

Take a walk down a street in Bearsden, Glasgow, in the early 1960’s and shout, “…any girl fancy a spanking, or showing me their knickers?” You might get killed in the crush as lots of nubile young wenches come running, with bare bottoms and swinging their directoire knickers in the air shouting… “me first, me first, spank me, spank me!”

Hmmm, okay, I have descended into the gutter once more, and slipped into the realms of an Asa Jones’ fantasy!…but…it is based on something factual.

James Fullerton was a photographer and producer of naughty magazines, such as Spick, Span, Beautiful Britons, Town and Country etc and my favourite of them ‘Accord’, a magazine that started off with various fetishes, transvestite, fighting women mixtures….and becoming a spanking magazine. Produced in Glasgow, in a well to do area, Bearsden. Using lots of wee Scottish Lassies. And Harry…an artist who did the cover work.

All done by Harry.

By Jim.

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