My Victorian Maid ~ Part Five

Here is a link to part four, each one has a link to the previous one…

Here is my lovely Kate once more, this time on the miniature rocking chair. Similar to ‘Neddy’, it rocks back and forth as you spank, enabling a wonderfully erotic rhythm for spanking. Meeting her bottom on the return stroke, to send her forward and back for the next. It is a good indicator as to how much she wants it! If she needs good hard smacks she pushes forward and then back hard to meet my hand or implement.

I love her mildly amused, slightly confused endearing look. Sexy isn’t it? Let’s watch her mount it…

“Are you settled and ready Kate?”

‘Yes Sir.’

“Then let’s get this fine rump of yours ready for a good long hand spanking…time to bare it my dear!”

‘Oh goody!’

“Lovely, ready to rock?”

‘Yep! Let’s rock Daddy Oh!’

“Cheeky devil, are you mocking my ways again?”

She giggles…’Only a lot Mr.Jones!’

“Right!” I did not need any more impetus but now I have it, let’s get in position by her side…SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!

Off she goes..the chair creaking, and her squealing, smacks echoing!


Look at her…am I lucky or what?