I dropped a few hints on Twitter that I would like a man to come to my studio and spend a day with Charlotte and I, with me being as invisible as I could be, whilst taking photos of him being punished etc in various ways.

Maybe I was a little too subtle, but after a few months a follower named William had broken my secret code! …” Are you by any chance asking for a man to come and be spanked all day by Paris (her Twitter name) for you to take photos? I do not want to show my face, but would love to volunteer! No limits as to how hard.”

Perfect! I like to see a Domme in action now and then, so I messaged him back and sort of interviewed him. What ensued was eye opening, and made me wince a few times!

A couple of weeks later, he arrived. Obviously nervous, and twitching with excitement. Charlotte told him to strip naked…her first words to him! What a start for the poor soul I thought. But judging by his manhood being stood up like a jib crane before her, he enjoyed the shock!

She speaks beautifully to her subs, it is a joy to hear, and to watch them, as they meekly obey her.

I deal in antiques as you know, and managed to get an adjustable Victorian Women’s Prison Bed, it adjusts for flogging! She started him off on there, first putting a small square cloth down, in an appropriate place. Some men ejaculate at the first stroke it seems. It was all very educational, sexy, and interesting.

So there he was, naked, bare bottom up high on the bed. I had no idea what was coming. I found out later that she takes ages before actually hitting their bottom, she builds their skin sensitivity up to its highest level, with gentle almost tickling actions, and using very sharp apparatus, lightly. It is all very skilful, I knew it would be, but never imagined it could be so intricate.

They were in the zone, he was totally immersed, I doubt the world existed to him outside a yard from his bottom. I moved in slowly, clicking only when necessary, trying not to make a sound.

What came first surprised me, the first contact was not from her, but hot wax from a candle. He had no idea where it would land, it puts him on edge, having no idea where the next few seconds pain will be…splat, sizzle! Maybe an inch from the last, maybe a yard. Charlotte says that is the whole idea, it takes second guessing out of the equation. He is not allowed to look, if he did, she said she would send him home, and that would be it.

I watched her, totally absorbed, aiming like a bombers target man.

After a while, in between the splats of wax, were a few well aimed smacks. He was bewildered and bewitched already. His anticipation was shot, gone already…he had no idea what or when.

She looked up and down his body, telling him where exactly she was looking, he flinched and trembled, almost as if her stare was leaving a mark. She picked the wax off, a bit at a time with her long beautifully manicured nails, telling him she was looking at his back, then quickly picking a piece of inside his thigh, or his neck….the poor soul was on edge.

Her nails are sharp, she was introducing him gently to the sensation of gentle sharpness, almost like ant bites.

She reached into her bag of painful delights and took out a Wartenburg wheel, and similar attachments. She has many, a plethora of b.d.sm.m sensory tools, including pins, needles, and steel rods. I agreed beforehand after being told of their penis use etc, that I was not interested in seeing them, and just to concentrate on getting his bottom bruised, and red raw. She continued her journey to the requested conclusion…

I crouched down slowly and shot the use of the Waternburg wheel through her legs…in the interest of art, her pussy and bottom cheeks had nothing to do with it.

As silently as I could, I photographed her skill in the use of what used to be medical instruments connected with neurology, slowly the pressure on the needle like protrusions increased…

Similar instruments were used, some right inside the crack of his bottom, it must have tickled like crazy. “Keep still or I will push it right in!”

How he struggled not to move, the sensations in his body were now totally concentrated from the sit spot to his lower back. I honestly think that if a fly had settled on his bottom too hard it would have inflicted pain. But still she swapped apparatus, bringing his sensations to incredible height. He began to thrust slowly. “Stop that you naughty boy!” How he loved to hear that!

She went to her bag again, he was in heaven, almost in a sensitive sleep. Music was playing, a meditation cd, even I felt like nodding off…then…WHACK!

God, the poor sod had no idea, the surprise almost sent him to the ceiling, I had not concentrated on what she had got from the bag, it was a tawse! ” Oh you naughty naughty, little boy, I told you not to thrust your willy!


He squealed like a girl, and loved every single whack!

She stopped, it was time for tea! 10.30 already, but William had all the way to 5 o’clock to go yet!

She looked at me. “Enjoying it so far Mr.Jones.”


“Good! I am too. I will take him down the corridor after this cup of tea.”

Ohhhhh, you’ll like it ‘down the corridor’, come back soon!