Molly’s Punishment

She had been in trouble all term, spiteful, peevish, and a tormentor of the less able or confident girl.

In the playground today there had been a huge commotion, it seems she had thrown a girls plimsols into a tree and emptied the contents of her satchel into a puddle. In other words she had become a bully.

I stormed over…”Right! …everyone of you stand still. What has…”

Every girl pointed at her. It was simple to deal with. “Molly, you can get a thrashing right here, on your bare bottom with a cane, before everyone! Or get to the classroom, for thirty six with the size thirteen plimsol I keep for naughty bare bottoms, in private! Your choice young lady, are you owning up?”

She owned up to her crime, and much to the dismay of the crowd, I grabbed her by the ear and pulled her hard and quickly to my classroom for a full blooded no mercy spanking!

I used my piano stool. “Get up on there and let me bare your bottom, and mark my words, your parents will hear of this!”

I yanked her knickers down roughly and gave her a very loud reprimand. I could hear the class stood in the corridor, go quiet, listening to every word.

My word dear reader, I’ll let you know this, I showed no mercy! Straight from cold the first crack of the rubber soled, heavy plomsol, was as hard as the last….and fast! God I gave it to her really harshly. She squealed, let me tell you. But in that vulnerable position all she could do was take it! If she decided to try and protect her bottom she would have fell over. The whole spanking was done in two of three minutes. Thirty six of the finest, hard and true, her cheeks did not have a second to recover before the next whack landed, it is the only way with a spiteful bully. The class outside must have been terrified.

She was sobbing her heart out when she had the shock of her life! I told her to stay where she was, and opened the door! “Come in! Take your seats….QUIETLY!! And see what happens to you if you bully. She will stay there for ten minutes, in disgrace and shame! I know her parents well, and I know that this sorry little bottom will get a repeat dose of this tonight! So, learn a lesson…ALL OF YOU! Bullying will not be tolerated, here, or at home!”

Her bright red bottom, and engorged labia, were on show to them all, and I did nothing to discourage giggling or mocking.

After ten minutes I allowed her to lay over the stool. Bits of paper and paper clips bounced off those tender cheeks for the next hour or so.

Another bully dealt with. Another bullied girl satisfied and safe.

That was thirty years ago…

…I bumped into her in the supermarket last week, the cheeks on her face blushed as much as those on her bottom did that day. I could not help but join the queue at the checkout, just behind her.

A spanking lasts a lifetime you know!