Helen Cavendish

Another Fullarton girl in his favourite directoire knickers! And another Scottish girl, this time from Ayr who likes her bottom bared for a spanking.

See lots more spanking models (adding regularly) at https://www.spanking-emporium.co.uk/spanking-emporium/?p=11542

Here is one I colourised… Can you see the edge of her directoire knickers?

I can see the appeal of them actually, they would make great school knickers under a gym-slip to expose for a spanking of a pretty girl. Very embarrassing!

Here are a few more…

She looks nice on the rocking horse doesn’t she? Here are a couple more…

I think she must have been fond of riding, not just a rocking horse either. In the following ones she is riding her friend and smacking her bottom to go faster.

A pretty girl, similar to Charlotte don’t you think?

Certainly acts in a similar girlish way judging by this shot in the dunes!