Mr.Reece Gets the Ruler

This is part of a long story of how a schoolgirl finds her true calling, to be a Dominatrix. Click here for the previous part, each part then links to the one before, back to the start

“Oh your bottom is going a lovely red Mr.Reece, I am really enjoying this, are you?” Samantha asked sardonically and somewhat rhetorically. She already knew he was of course, but..



…But there was something in the silence, a struggle, something he wanted to say, but couldn’t, she began to realise what it was. “My God, you are, aren’t you? You are loving it! LOVING IT! The pain, the submission, and getting it from me. You would pay for this wouldn’t you?”

Meekly he answered. ‘yes, and I do.’

“Do you now Mr Reece? Well in that case, let us try something a little stiffer, something more painful, the wooden ruler has often been a favourite of yours to use, hasn’t it?”

Thoughts started to enter her mind. She was loving it more than anything ever before, an older man, willingly offering his bottom to be thrashed hard. And….even at her age, she already knew people would pay for the experience. The first thoughts of being a Dominatrix walked into her head, wearing high Achilles boots, and sat down comfortably in her brain.

She looked at his bottom, it lifted to the pain.

She looked at his body, his head went down in submission.

She looked into herself, her chest began to swell with a sort of pride, she was on top, he was below her.

She looked at the ruler in her hand and gripped it, then raised it, and brought it down on those cherry red cheeks with a crack. “Say thank you to your Mistress.”

“Ahhhhh, owwwww, th…th…thank you Mistress!” He hissed through gritted teeth.

She finished with the ruler, and looked at the sizzling hot bottom before her.

“What next?” She thought.

Better come back when I have written the next bit hadn’t you?