Stereoscopic Biederer

I started putting these individually in my ‘BORS’ section (in Vintage), as you have probably seen, but it is getting bigger and bigger.

I came across a lovely bundle of these, I am 100% sure some are Biederer / Ostra, but cannot identify them all. I think the rarest in the bundle was this one of Yve Richards…

My favourite one of Biederer’s is this one. An office scene, with a naughty girl under threat of a bare bottom spanking, and being watched closely by her Manageress. “One mistake today and not only with all the other girls see your bare bottom….(giggles all round)…but they will see it soundly spanked! Now come on! Quickly!!…find it in the next thirty seconds or else…1,2,3,4,5,…….”

This girl with the ringlets intruiged me…

Here are some more….

Well….a lot more!

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