A Naughty Schoolgirl’s Crimes and Her Punishments ~ Part One

Hello again, it’s a lovely summer’s day here, so let’s sit in my garden and talk spanking! Whew! I went on a long walk yesterday, and my legs ache, so this is perfect…cup of tea?

The other day I shot with Kate, she turned up in a beautiful ‘Sweet English Rose’ summer dress. We chatted about the shoot, I always use the same models (well, friends…good friends now), so asking pertinent questions about what I would like and what will they do it is not a ‘thing’. They know me, I know them, so a ‘no’ is never a problem. I am a gentleman, and my priority is a happy, safe, relaxed, spanking environment for them to come to.

We have been busy on the studio with new sets, and rearranged ones, I was eager to try them out. All my questions got a yes! Woo hoo! So I left her to change from classy, beautiful young woman, into Kate, the masturbation addict of a naughty school girl!

Butter would not melt in her innocent mouth! But it would on her hot bottom later!

The idea of this spanking shoot, is that Kate does a crime, is punished at school, sent home with a letter, and punished again!

The crimes…

Masturbating with the school bell!

Masturbating with the cane!

Masturbating in the classroom and having a cigarette in the classroom after!

We have a huge delivery service next door to the school, and Kate has been flashing her bottom to them, and masturbating!

I have put a post on Twitter, and asked people to vote which crime and punishment they want to see first. (I do abbreviated versions on there to try them out and watch their responses)

They have three days to vote, and so far, flashing at the window is winning!

Of course she gets a good spanking, and also a caning. To get nice stripes for one set, I gave her six from cold. Then I put her over the vaulting horse to get a lovely red bottom for the others. Of course, I had to give her regular spankings as her bottom faded.

This is the new Headmasters Office, like it? Hope so, a lot of work has gone into it.

Here is the new vaulting horse. I christened it with giving her the six with the cane, and a jolly good spanking to follow, as you can see here. She has a fabulous bottom for spanking, it goes red quickly and stripes well. Not only that she makes lovely noises, and the new set echoes the smacks on soft buttocks very well indeed.

You will see the home environment soon….got to keep some mystery for you! You’ll like it!

Here is my school room after it’s re-arrangement…

Looks well, don’t you think? Especially with little miss rosey cheeks jiggling around in the new ‘naughty corner’.

So, just got to wait for the vote now, then off we go. All photos are taken, and I am editing.

Thanks for coming, see you again soon.