Vintage updates…08/20

Hello again everyone. My vintage section is a right jumble isn’t it!

When you start blogging you have quite good intentions, but I had no idea things would get this big!

With my photo stories, and photo sets, its easy, as are the sections on models etc

But VINTAGE….there are six main sections, each having many other sections which have sub sections! And even some of them have sections!

So good luck! ….chuckle

But, you know, it makes your search interesting, going down little avenues finding secrets. They are are all being viewed, so I know you find them. The tracker on my blog is quite wonderful! How the bloody hell you cope with my jumbled up mess is a mystery! Every week about ten thousand of you visit, and every section, even the most obscure gets looked at!

I would use search…

Anyway…today I have added to ‘glorious bottoms’, vintage b.d.s.m. Part Two, vintage domestic Part Two etc etc

So off you go, run off and explore, there are over 3000 photos to look at, vintage porn, spanking, masturbation, quirky…all sorts. Just dive in.

If ever you want to chat or write to me, click my Twitter button. On here I get thousands of messages…usually telling me I need viagra or something! So I have stopped looking at them. But on Twitter I can chat to you.

Some of today’s additions….