Glorious Bottoms – 2

As predicted, part one got full, click here to see it …, so here are some more bottoms that make you feel like spanking them, or stroking them, maybe squeezing them…or


Sod it, let’s go for it…welcome to a fantasy of mine!….yes, another…lol

WARNING …..another Asa Jones vulgar moment coming up!

I have always been interested in Knight’s Templars, everything about them, their treasure…vast, huge, even colossal, amounts of it, buried in secret locations, all over Europe, secret tunnels, hundreds of them! Maybe thousands, and lots still waiting to found! Artefacts…look up their obsidian chalice…wow!! (I collect and deal a little in antiques, so things like that interest me), and I have a passion for walking and finding curiosities too, and those Knights, created so much mystery and intruige! …hence, I have a big passion for them as well!

But best of all… I rather like the way they dressed…

So, here is something I have thought of many times…

I am one of them…

The battle is over, we have won…

… here I am, fresh from battle, covered in muck, panting heavily, aching, wounded but glorious, dripping blood from wounds and weapons. The adrenalin still has me trembling, when I come across this lusty maiden on the quiet lane I am walking on, it is sunny and warm, she takes one look at me and thinks…”oh fuck yeah! I want some of him!”

As if I read her mind, I say…”Turn around, bare your bottom, and grip your ankles.”

She knew that resistance was futile, and she had no intention of even thinking of it anyway.

I drop my weapons and shield, and spank her rounded bottom soundly, watching the ripples, seeing the glow develop and listening to her sexy yelps.

She complies completely, enjoying her submission as much as I enjoy the power of giving her a spanking …(pick any bottom you like from my collection, and fit it in to my fantasy.)

I look at her, her lithe body writhing before me, presented, and inviting, I can smell her, and see her lubricant running freely down the inside of her now open thighs. I take out a more impressive weapon than any I dropped…my erect throbbing manhood, shiny and purple, dripping pre cum.

She looks over her shoulder, drooling, as I take a step back towards her.

I grab her hips, and with no thought of finesse, no care for her comfort or feelings, I shove in my ramrod and fuck her arse like there is no tomorrow….and

Ohhh and….


When I cum, shooting load after load of hot creamy spunk into her pulsating wet cunt, I scream at the top of my voice, for the whole battlefield to hear..that famous English battle cry of yore….

“FOR ENGLAND AND SAINT GEORGE!” But the George would be…


Anyway…::chuckle:: now I have once more confirmed to my followers…if I have any left after that!…that I am a bit of a lusty old pervert!…lol

The bottoms!….here we go (60 of them!)

it just seems the best thing to write!