My Secret Wood and Gothic Ruin ~ Part 4

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…the air was lovely and cool inside, the bird call outside quite magical. I looked at Kate and she looked back, her eyes spoke to me, softly, like her wonderfully quiet, submissive voice, in crisp correct English.

They said, as clearly as the pure white of her eyes, “Spank me Mr Jones, make me squeal and make the rooks fly!”

So following my instinct and inner knowledge of this beautiful soul, I told her to move to the bay window.

She glided, almost like a queen in a game of chess, and stood in the window.

She looked at me, and her head looked to the floor in submission, yet….in a magical way of hers, she looked up with her eyes. One of the most inviting alluring looks a man could see. I told her to turn to the window and grip the stone.

“Legs apart Kate, wide. Present your bottom for spanking.” My words steady, soft and masculine…assertive.

“Stay there, hold your position.” I walked outside to view her. I wanted to see what a passer by might see if the building was not locked away, secretive and secluded.

God she looked inviting. I broke a long fleshy switch off a tree and went back in, to give her a dozen. How she loved them, without asking she said “Thank you Mr.Jones.” After every one.

I told her to keep her position as I fucked her, my belly banging against her striped buttocks. She loved it, the dirty little bitch.

I sat down to get my breath, she relaxed in the sun, in a window close by…

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