Charlotte’s Sixth Visit to see Miss Kenworthy

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Charlotte had been naughty and reported yet again, she seemed quite pleased to come through the door. Miss Kenworthy told her to lift her skirt, and lower her knickers.

Before Miss Kenworthy made Charlotte the offer she had in mind, she needed to test her pain limits to their maximum. And also the ability of holding her position whilst in great pain. So today she decided on one of her favourite combinations, the piano stool and plimsol.

She told her it was the plimsol on the bare!

Once in this position a naughty girl has no choice but to stay in position, if she tries to rub her bottom she would have quite a fall, as she would overbalance. But Miss Kenworthy knew how she would cope…very well she suspected. This was going to be one hell of a spanking!

She took aim, and focussed her stare on Charlottes perfectly shaped, plump, spankable bottom. She was going to enjoy giving this spanking. Next to caning from cold, a plimsoling from cold was her second favourite.

She delivered forty hard bottom blistering whacks, each landing randomly on the cheeks, no alternate pattern of thwacks. The THWOP! of rubber on soft plump flesh, mixed with Charlotte’s squeals were a perfect combination.

Charlotte took it very well and Miss Kenworthy told her so. She beamed with pride through her tears, which Miss Kenworthy loved.

Next it was the cane, from cold.

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