Vintage Sets ~ mainly Beiderer and Ostra

I will eventually transfer sets that I have already posted in other sections into here. Eventually being the operative word! But like everything else I say, it gets done…

Set One

..looks like a man about to masturbate as he looks up the cleaner’s / maid’s skirt! He gets forgiven and true love descends! Or maybe he asks if he can spank her with the feather duster!

Set Two

In this one, to be honest, I have no idea. Why paint behind the screen, does he masturbate too? I imagine him ramming his cock through the hole in the pallets board. Who knows?

Set Three

Two girls out in the country, reading a naughty book. My guess it that there fingers get busy.

More to come, these are not easy to find, so be patient, and look for updates, or pop by for a look now and then.