Vintage Sets ~ mainly Beiderer and Ostra and Retro Sets ~ Varied

Before you start looking, I have made another part to this, because as you will see, this got quite full. So have a look at these, then scroll back up to click on this link…

Biederer/Ostra Sets….

How I wish I could have been a ‘fly on the wall’ of his studio, how I would love it if a hundred years from now, people look for mine!

Poor Mr Biederer, he was a Jew and died in the concentration camps.You can see lots more of these ‘BORS’ girls, here…

I will eventually transfer sets that I have already posted in other sections into here. Eventually being the operative word! But like everything else I say, it gets done…

Set One

..looks like a man about to masturbate as he looks up the cleaner’s / maid’s skirt! He gets forgiven and true love descends! Or maybe he asks if he can spank her with the feather duster!

Set Two

In this one, to be honest, I have no idea. Why paint behind the screen, does he masturbate too? I imagine him ramming his cock through the hole in the pallets board. Who knows?

Set Three

Two girls out in the country, reading a naughty book. My guess it that there fingers get busy.

Set Four

A naughty girl sent to see Daddy for punishment.

Set Five

Outdoor Spanking

Set – 6 ….the famous school sets. Thank you to Robin, my researcher, for filling in some long looked for missing ones.








The next set is equally, or even more famous…

Set – 7 …The Ballet Class

Set – 8 ….the dream

This lovely naughty vintage submissive is day dreaming about being spanked, I would say that her fingers have been or will be busy!

Let’s see what has been going through her mind shall we?…

It seems her friends have been having similar thoughts too!

This is a lovely set, one day I want Charlotte and Samantha to replicate it, and add a few extra on. Both in the same Jim-jam sets as each other…

Set No – 9 …the Pyjama Set

Mr.Biederer, it has to be said, your models had fabulous breasts and bottoms!

The next set is the curious shower sequence, sexy, but I am not quite sure what is happening!

Set – 10 …the Showers.

Lovely aren’t they?

Set – 11 …features a Domme in a beautiful Yve Richards Corset

Set 12 …is quite unusual in the fact it has a man in. I only have two! But there must be more, I’ll continue my search.

MORE VINTAGE (not Ostra)


RETRO SETS…These are easier to find, I have lots in my collection. I will add them all…….eventually! NO IDEA WHO THEY BELONG TO, LET ME KNOW IF YOU DO, I THINK IT IS IMPORTANT TO CREDIT PEOPLE, THANKS.

Set 1 …a naughty 1960’s wife.

Set 2 …another 1960’s naughty wife, caught running a sex chat line at home whilst he is on nights! He came home early!

Set – 3 …A group of spanking lesbians, love the size of the nipples on the big girl!

Set 4 …two friends starting on a voyage of discovery, with a rolled up magazine…how cute!

Set 5 …a bit of weird style bondage

Set 6 …a very old outdoor set

Don’t ask me why, because I am not sure I know! But there is something slightly disturbing about these…I think it is the spanker, he does not seem old enough to spank a woman like this, it could be a girl, but I don’t think so. It just looks a little….erm, sinister.


Set – 1

Set – 2

SET 3 …so glad I have found this, I have always loved the people in set 1


No spanking, but a naughty Secretery from 1910 – photographer unknown

Set – 5 …a very old outdoor spanking


SET ONE – A slave girl auction, a bit of vintage Gor!