A Naughty Schoolgirl’s Crimes and Punishments ~ Part Two

NOTE…as you know my photography is not bad and usually quite clear. In this part of the story I wanted a corner of the classroom to look quiet, and sort of hidden… ‘Secret’ would be a good word. So I have messed around with shutter speeds to get the atmosphere right.

And so it begins…

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As often happens, Kate has been naughty, but not enough to earn a spanking (although she would much prefer it to detention)

So it was that on an afternoon in early September, she found herself sat writing one hundred times, ‘I must not make noises like breaking wind when Mr Brocklebank is teaching history.’

She was on line 85 when boredom and an aching wrist became so irksome, that she decided to relieve it by seeing what else she could get up to. I had left her there because I had staff shortages and much pressing work to do. Silly me, I should not have trusted her at all really. But my office was only two doors away.

In my absence she caught sight of a fleet of delivery vehicles and their drivers in the yards next door to the school. Many of them, handsome young men in their early twenties.

First it was quite innocent, blobbing her tongue out and waving at them. They shouted back noisily. I heard them actually, but did not think much of it, I had heard them before you see, usually a game of football at lunch, or tea break.

I noticed the noise get louder, and stood up to see what the commotion was. Their gaze was aimed to my right, I opened the window slightly and could then hear them quite clearly…”Get ’em down luv! ….Show us your cunt!… Get your tits out you naughty girl…strip off, show us what you’ve got!”

Kate! What the hell was happening? I stood up and set off to Detention Room 3, where I had left her.

Unbeknown to me, she was flashing her bare bottom at them, and was just starting to shove her fingers up her bottom and into her pussy. Her most common crime was masturbating in stupid places, and sometimes with ridiculous insertions!

I flung the door open and caught her red handed! “You naughty girl!”

A huge cheer went up when they realised she had been caught, with much pointing, laughter and jeering!

“Don’t bother pulling those up young lady! You know what is going to happen! If you are so fond of showing your bottom to all and sundry, you can damn well show it to me, as I lay the strap across it! Follow me!

So that is her first crime, next is her punishment!

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