The Slave Girl ~ Part 7

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…she did not take her far at all. Just to a piano stool a few yards away.

She spoke to ‘Spanky’ as she put her in position. “I have a lot of favourites, but two of the top things are presentation and stripes on your bottom. If I cane a girl, I like to keep to the cane, even if I change the apparatus four or five times. If I use a tawse, or a paddle, or a slipper, I tend to keep to it. I enjoy seeing the different results. On this stool, I study your presentation, I also like to see what happens to the cane marks as you bend. They were perfectly straight across your cheeks, but on here, with your bottom crack stretched wide and your cheeks taut, they will take different paths. So this is often a place for me to look at you. I often tawse on here, the tawse is best on stretched cheeks, like the cane is best on soft plump cheeks. So…I am going to give you one good whack with it, that’s all. Up you get, let’s have your butt hole gaping!”

She walked around staring at her slave girls tight bottom. The tawse raised, to make her conscious that a whack was coming…then…WHACK! One resounding smack took the girl’s breath away and almost made her fall off the stool.

“Right then ‘spanky’ get up! We are going for a walk! Come on!”

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