Did you buy the knickers?

You know me quite well by now I know, but be patient, new followers arrive every day, and they don’t.

For around five years I offered a spanking service to any naughty girl who wanted to experience a spanking at any level. I used to do it above an artist shop, but eventually when I got my own studio, it took off. I was spanking a couple of new naughty girls, coming to confess their need and sins, every week. With a stable client list of around 15 on average.

Things change, I still have the occasional favourite, who come back to bare their lovely bottoms, but I have not actively sought to replace my clients. Instead I have gone on a journey through making videos and taking photos, to writing stories, illustrated with my photos.

You see, over that time I met the most treasured three friends a man with an interest….okay, obsession, with spanking… could wish for.

My girls I call them. They don’t work for me, they are well known models. But with a difference, they like spanking too. And the best bit, we all live in our delightful spanking triangle, Charlotte lives in the middle, and Kate, Samantha and I make the three points of the triangle. We are all just a few minutes drive away from each other. A lovely quirk of fate.

So now, I have ended up with a lovely studio, a gothic ruin, three houses and a little theatre to shoot in. Who knows what is next. Charlotte has a friend with a stable, maybe that might be, who knows. Better than that, my three girls are ‘the ones’…My quest is is over, I am settled with some great locations and ‘my girls’ whom along with numerous regular guests, mean I can write most scenarios or stories I want, and illustrate them. And I hope to spend my life doing just that.

Spanking services, yes, but now I want to encourage girls to get them from me OR my girls, Charlotte, Kate and Samantha. I like to watch and take photos, a momento for the visitor and myself. All with the confidence that no face is shown. Our reputation is built on trust and respect.

So….That is me, and what I offer in a nutshell. If you are reading this and think you would like to come and bare your bottom, contact me via Twitter.

What you might not know is that because my girls love spanking as much as me, they prefer a real spanking, for a real crime, rather than acting, if possible. We make their spankings as real as we can when doing stories, but there are stops for lights, props etc….in short, they are not real life, actual spankings yes! But staged.

So, the golden rule in my studio is…”any mistake or action that I see as needing a spanking, gets one.” Not every little one, it is not a silly game, it is real. Just very occasionally, at the right time.

Here is the latest, I think you will agree that Charlotte and Samantha deserved a spanking. Do they connive and contrive to get them? Maybe, but I just give them as a strict Daddy or Teacher would, when they deserve one.


Last December, as well as their Christmas presents, I gave all three girls £20 to buy matching knickers. There is a vintage photo I want to reproduce. I have heard nothing about them since, I know that Covid-19 has affected things, but lockdown did not begin until March, and they could easily be purchased on line anyway.

At the end of a lovely shoot, I asked them to come and stand before me. They knew something was wrong, it is how I do it. The best bit for you is, I do it with my camera at hand.

“Did you buy those knickers I gave you the £20 each for?”

“Oh, errrrrr, hmmm, no, I never got around to it. I forgot to be honest.” Replied sulky Charlotte. She always looks deliciously sulky when a spanking is on its way!

“Well, it’s been Covid and Lockdown.” Answered the always rather clever Samantha. A little sassy, a quick answer never far from her lips. She thinks on her feet, very astutely.

“On line shopping has not stopped and lockdown did not start until March, you are making up excuses Samantha. So, am I right in saying that you pocketed the £20 and spent it on something else. And as time has gone by, you think I have forgotten?” I said slowly, and methodically, maybe a little accusingly.

They would never steal from me or anything remotely bad, they are lovely, polite, hard working honest girls. I trust them completely….but… Well, let’s be honest. They did not get the knickers, and still had my money.

Guilt was written all over them as they looked down to the ‘studio room three’ carpet, for help.

They confessed. They had not done it deliberately, it had just never happened and now had slipped their minds. Forgivable, yes. But not in Asa Jones Spanking Emporium!

I told them they were getting twenty smacks each, on the bare, and after each good hard smack they were to say, ‘sorry Mr.Jones’

“After each one?” Questioned smarty pants Samantha. See what I mean?

“Yes, after each one.”…I rather like it when a naughty girl calls me Mr.Jones.

So, I told them to bend over.

I took my time, like a delicious well cooked meal, I wanted to savour it. I lifted their skirts with precision and delicacy. I lowered their knickers slowly, taking a long look at their extremely pert spankable bottoms as I did so. I gently put them in position…

Four lovely guilty cheeks, all in a pretty row, for a real spanking, for a real reason, to be given to two real naughty girls.

It was lovely, and yes, they kept saying ‘I’m sorry Mr.Jones’, between the wiggles and little squeals.

I know I portray spankings and canings that sometimes are harsh, maybe even brutal at times. But in real life, these are exactly my ‘cup of spanking tea’ a stinging spanking on my girls bottoms for a real crime.

I had to put my camera down to spank them. And these are private. If I took photos they would be another staged spanking. So sorry, but that is all you will see. Private real life spankings of my real life naughty girls are just that.

Private, and between us.