The Slave Girl ~ Part 9

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…Mistress Charlotte took Spanky her slave into the room she hired in the old office block, and without ceremony, tied her to a suspension bar. The purpose now was to see how she could present her bottom with arms raised, and to keep the pain in her bottom at a high level. She was still testing this beautiful bottom.

Another eight resounding whack of the cane resounded around the room. The paintings, which resembled them so much, felt like an invited audience, looking at them.

Mistress Charlotte took a step forward and delivered the last three hard and fast, the cane whistled through the air and curved around the arc of those soft cheeks on landing with a crack, a whack and a thwack!

Spanky danced, she danced the caning dance, swivelling, screaming and kicking…

Just in case it had not sunk in yet, Charlotte wanted to show her slave girl that she had absolute power over her. “Right, I am now going to tie you to the cross, and give you some more!”

Would she protest?

Would she beg and plead?

Neither. She said…”thank you Mistress.”