What the Butler and Maids Saw – Part Two

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As this develops all the parts will be added to this…


….another night

…and the lusty ‘Lady of the House’ went into her naughty red room again. Soon the padded holes had gently thrusting cocks pushed through, their purple heads glistening in the oil lamp light. She heard creaks as the wet pussies of her maids slid down on to the curved dildos and rubbing pads on the other side of the walls. The eyes on the picture slid across, to reveal wet shiny eyes feasting on her body. She drew the little curtain on the hole below, and immediately a huge ramrod of a manhood thrust in, pulsating up and down rhythmically, already pre cum was hanging down in a silk like thread,

She bared her breast and pulled down her bloomers, to twist and turn to show herself in turn to each spy hole, her vulva engorged with her warm blood, showing her excitement.

She rolled on to her tummy, and slid her fingers under her belly to reach her cunt, which was already staining the red cover. She pumped up and down on her jiggling, wiggling, sticky fingers until she came, to the sound of grunts and moans.

She took the riding crop, and whacked her own bottom. (Sorry, that is on my video site, I will take some screen shots from it one day and post here.)


Then she rubbed the crop on her clit until she came again.

She watched the huge throbbing knob thrust under the picture, faster and faster until it was ready to spurt. She quickly turned to show her dripping wet cunt to what she hoped was the butler.

She felt the warm spunk shoot all up and down the crack of her fine soft arse, and lay there, feeling it trickle down the crack and onto the bed linen.

Bloody hell! Got myself going then! I will shoot (photos! Not my spunk!) more one day, maybe a friend or two might come to stay in the next instalments.

Bye for now…