William ~ Part Three

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…we were at mid day, William had been allowed a toilet break, and to sit on the floor in the corner for his lunch, which he enjoyed and very politely thanked us for.

Charlotte resumed his adventure, “Right then boy, let’s carry on with your bottom!”

She led him to the corner of the room, which is quite exposed. We have just the small blind so that people could not see him jumping up and screaming holding his bottom. From the front at least, because there is an office opposite where people work.

She produced a thick heavy paddle, and proceeded to give him a very firm dozen. That made him howl! But credit do to him, he pretty much remained in position.

One thing what struck me, was the look of care she gave to his bottom. She was inflicting great pain, quite brutally, some swings coming from behind her head. But in between she looked at his bottom as if it was a little animal, looking up with big blinking dewy eyes. She looked back as if the next whack she was going to give was a treat. And I suppose, it is. I confess that the whacks scared me, made me shudder, but I could not stop looking, at the effect on his cheeks, and her adoring look of the pattern she was creating. Like an artist at work on a complicated picture. And the canvas craved more…and more.

This is exactly what I wanted. I took my photos quietly and stealthily. As if I was not there. I felt like a fly on the wall, watching and recording a private session between a Domme and her sub.

She felt the heat, and stroked his bottom with affection, not for him, it was obvious that it was for his bottom. She seemed quite fascinated by it. Then she moved to it, and pushed against it a while, almost as if fucking it. And the gentle little purring noises she made were divine.

I had witnessed something quite special. I think she had an orgasm…a long gentle one. I just stood quietly, and clicked.

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