Maid Training No – 9

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…Every week Mistress Samantha does a spot check, usually with Kate in the room, soon after she has done a job. Like cleaning the stairs. A lump of fluff has been found, so she is being spanked on every step…

She was put in corner time half way up, at the window overlooking the rear garden.

Last week it was in one of the bedrooms…

There is a small fire grate and when Kate was building a winter fire for Mistress, a small lump of coal fell on the carpet.

She was thrashed once more, and put in corner time.

And then scrutinised as she did her next job, cleaning the mantelpiece.

Kate loves it all as always, of course.

Mistress knows this, and loves to ask her. . She put her on show to the world at the window. “Tell me how much you love all this Kate.”

“Oh my lovely Mistress, it is perfect, you are perfect. Just us, it’s wonderful. I love every punishment and how you treat me, it is perfect!”

The week before Kate had left smears on the window. When the sun shone on them it looked awful. She got a very hard long spanking on top of some quite fresh cane marks. Leaving the curtains open, passers by could see in easily. Especially the passengers in the number 26 bus, a double decker, which stopped across the road.

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