Kate’s Story – Part Five

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Kate in detention again

The thought of being punished was now in her mind every day. She wished for more dreams like the one she had just had, but none seemed to materialise. So her thoughts developed into more ‘masturbation fantasies’.

About a month after being caught for showing her bare bottom and fingering herself before the workmen from the detention room window, she found herself in the detention room again. This time she was writing lines for being continually late in handing in her homework.

Around the detention room were various punishment implements. Hanging on the blackboard was a cane, a traditional teacher’s crook-handled, rattan cane. After it had caught her attention, she found it impossible to take her eyes off it. She knew Mr Jones had used it on hundreds of naughty bottoms. She walked over to it and unhooked it from the board.

She took it and fondled it. The thought of it whistling through the air to land….CRACK! On a naughty bottom, thrilled her, right to her pussy. It became an object of lustful desire.

She fondled it and imagined it whistling through the air and landing across a naughty bottom with a loud THWACK! The thought thrilled her, right to her pussy. It became an object of lustful desire.

She perched on the edge of one of the desks and used it to stroke her bare thighs.

It just had to go inside her, the lust for it consumed her. The thoughts of what it was, and its many uses demanded it. So she did, she pulled her wet large school knickere to one side and slid the crook handle right up her runny cunt.

Soon her elbow was moving like a violin player playing the ‘Flight of the BumbleBee’, talking to herself loudly!

“Oooooh fuck me Mr Cane. Thrash my bottom and fuck me! Get right inside my cunt and grind deep. Oohhhhhh, Mr Jones, thrash my bottom, then let me ride you as somebody whacks my bum….yes…yes…Yesss!”

At that point I returned!

“Kate!!!! What the devil are you doing with my cane? Remove the handle from within yourself this instant!”

“I can’t Sir! Ohhhh Mr Jones, I’m cumming…yes…look at my cunt Mr Jones….watch your cane fuck me…ohhhh Ohhh!”


“Ohhhhhhhhyesssssssss, yes, yes, yes, Mr Jones. Tell me off! YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”


“OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH….MMMMMMMMMM….. Ohhhh oh ooooh mmmmm…….Oh…Oh God! I’m sorry!”

She removed the slippery cane.

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