Charlotte’s Seventh Visit to Miss Kenworthy

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9: Charlotte is caned on the bare

Charlotte was rather good at hockey, and practised after school on a Friday. Earlier on one particular Friday, Miss Kenworthy asked Charlotte to come and see her after the practice, and to keep her hockey skirt on.

Charlotte, now quite besotted with Miss Kenworthy, did not even think of the reason why she needed to keep her hockey skirt on. She was just happy to go and see her.

And so it was that in the evening sunshine streaming through the glass into the classroom, Miss Kenworthy and Charlotte were sat talking.

Both expressed their feelings, feelings of love and desire for each other. A teacher and a schoolgirl in love? Surely this was taboo, you might well ask, but their feelings were strong and true. Miss Kenworthy told her that eventually she would like Charlotte to become her maid, her pet maid, her live-in sub, together with Kate, her other submissive maid.

Charlotte readily agreed, although a pang of jealousy swept through her. She did not want to share Miss Kenworthy. But for now, almost all her dreams had been answered. She thanked Miss Kenworthy, and, on leaning in for a kiss, she was dizzy by the way she was welcomed.

She kissed Miss Kenworthy, and Miss Kenworthy had kissed her back….passionately.

They talked of pleasure in pain and bondage, of things they would like to do with each other and Kate. ”Trust me, you will grow to love her too,” said Miss Kenworthy.

Miss Kenworthy said she had longed to cane her, especially in her hockey skirt. Charlotte eagerly begged her to do so. She really wanted to please her.

“Oh please Mistress, please thrash my naughty bottom now very hard with your cane. I need to feel it’s biting sting,” pleaded Charlotte.

Smiling, Miss Kenworthy responded adopting a sterner voice, “ Right Charlotte, I’d be more than happy to oblige you.” Tapping a high stool next to her with her cane, she then said, “Bend over this stool.”

Charlotte readily complied, her white school knickers visible as she bent over the stool in her short hockey skirt.

Tamara admired Charlotte’s gorgeous pristine buttocks that were beautifully presented, bent over the stool in front of her.

Miss Tamara Kenworthy took down the white tight school knickers of her school girl lover, then stood to her side to take aim with the flexible rattan cane.

She thrashed her bare bottom. Cracks of rattan on soft creamy buttocks filled the air like pistol shots. Charlotte’s bottom bucked and wriggled, her screams echoed.

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