The Ridicule of a Bully – Part One

Do I annoy you by having so many stories on the go? I hope not, I love it! My next shoot with my girls is covering about five! It makes our work….well, cups of tea and buns, interspersed with a bit of work….more enjoyable!

We start this one with Mrs Sternmore and Sister Samantha in the front room of Mrs Stermore’s house. Two girls have come with their teacher from ‘The Sacred Hearts Convent School’, to tell her that her daughter is a bully. The girls were caught stealing in a shop, the police were called and on investigation, they found out that the ringleader Hermione Sternmore had made them do it, and had been making them do it for months.

The girls agree that they should not steal, but make heartfelt pleas to Mrs Sternmore, who is actually a school governess, and Sister Samantha.

“Honestly, I swear on Jesus, that it was Hermione who made us, she is cruel, and does horrid things to us if we don’t.”

Sister Samantha backed the girls up by saying she has no doubt that Mrs Sternmore’s daughter is a cruel, spiteful vindictive child.

Mrs Sternmore’s rage is apparent for all to see. However, the girls stole, and should not have, so both were told they were to get a bare bottom spanking. Hermione was sent to the hallway in disgrace. She would not be allowed to witness the spankings.

Their spankings did not last long. Soon they were put in corner time, before the mantelpiece.

For Hermione however, the next hour was going to be the worst of her life!

The two girls listened as first Sister Samantha calmed Mrs Sternmore down, and then they planned her punishment. Key words were picked up…cane, bare bottom, before the girls, thrashing, no mercy…

Then the girls looked at each other in excitement when Sister Samantha shouted. “Hermione Sternmore, get yourself in here…NOW!”

To be continued…