My Secret Wood and Gothic Ruin – Part Five

After the striping of her buttocks and the subsequent making love in the old ruin, we decided some sun on our bodies would be good. It is a cold place, and the stone on your bare flesh is quite icy to the touch.

We keep a kettle and matches, along with some water in a little cupboard there. I had brought milk along and set about making a fire, and boiling water for a body warming cup of tea. How nice is is, just to sit with Kate for a while, naked, in the open air, with the sunlight on our bodies, enjoying the seclusion, and peace. The fire crackled, and smoke rose into the air. Kate wandered around, I kept looking over, as she smiled back…

Her bottom soon goes a lovely red when spanked, it is a fabulous sexy sight to behold. Also, an hour later, if you didn’t whack too hard, it has faded quickly.

Gripping the cold stone window frame like a warm body, she smiled when I shouted that it was ready, she turned and smiled, and asked for another dozen after tea!

…of course, I obliged.

A lot more to come in this one….