The Ridicule of a Bully – Part Two

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In walked a sullen looking Hermione. Unbeknown to the two girls, Sister Samantha, and her Mummy, she had seen some of her knickers drying on a radiator, and slipped them on. She had only ever been spanked on the top of her skirt or trousers, and thought any protection would help.

Her Mummy looked so angry, in fact, quite fearsome as she said, “Kneel on this chair you awful child! I deplore bullying in all its forms. And to think you…YOU!! My own daughter is one! You are getting the cane, and my word, I mean GETTING THE CANE….HARD!!!…FROM BOTH OF US!”

Hermione broke down, hoping tears might save her from a hard caning, she had her mummy wrapped around her finger all her life, and was sure that by tea time all would be forgiven and she would be sat on a cushion, with a pleasantly warm bottom, eating chocolate digestives with mummy, who in turn would be feeling guilty and wanting to spoil her.

Mummy surprised her, “Stop that ridiculous bleating and get kneeling on here, lift up your skirt!”

Sister Samantha was about to take aim, when she said…”Hermione, why on earth do you have two pair of panties on?”

Her Mummy realised what had happened, and she made her daughter cringe with embarrassment!

“I know your game! You found those knickers I have washed this morning…they were on the floor, stained, really Hermione, you should be able to wipe your own bottom properly at your age!”

Kate and Charlotte guffawed helplessly, laughing quite uproariously.

Mummy spoke again…”Oh by all means, feel free to laugh at my ridiculous naughty daughter girls. Laugh at her pain too when she feels a few dozen whacks of the cane on her bare bottom. She makes noises like a squealing banshee when I give her my usual light spanking on top of her clothes, but this…oh yes.. THIS IS GOING TO BE VERY VERY DIFFERENT INDEED MY GIRL! BARE YOUR BOTTOM NOW!!”

“Mummy…mummy noooooooo! Nooooooo! Waaaaaah waaaah waaaah!”

“Listen to yourself, you silly little bully, oh yes, you can give it out can’t you! But you will not be able to take what’s coming to you! Ohhhhh your bottom is going to be ablaze. Sister Samantha, give her the first dozen, and show no mercy, give her a dozen of the very finest! Let’s see how she can handle being on the receiving end of torment! A VERY PAINFUL HOT SHOCK OF A TORMENT!” Shouted the angry Mummy.

Her bottom was bared!

How the girls giggled and made fun of the humiliated screaming bully!

Thwaaack! “Ooooooowwwwwww! Mummy, make it stop, no more…no…..”

Swiiiiiish….CRACK….”Oooooooooooooh owww…WAAAAH WAAAAH!”

What loud ridiculous noses she made. And the first added to her anguish by ridiculing her. Making fun at every howl, and every dance! “Look at her bottom jumping about! Listen to the crack as it lands, well done Sister Samantha! Make her realise how wrong bullying is, make her dance and jump more!”

How Hermione hated the ridicule, she had never been made fun of. The pain was excruciating, and all she could hear was laughter and encouragement!

Sister Samantha reacted to the urges by swinging the cane in great arcs to land the cane, wrapping it around her bare bottom.

Hermione was shocked and aghast! Her Mummy held her fast and watched intently. No mercy or help came at all!

In fact, her mummy was ashamed at the way her daughter took the beating. And tutted at every display of outright ridiculousness!

The girls could see how much their input riled Hermione, and knew that if they carried on, she would explode at them, and maybe make Mrs Sternmore and Sister Samantha beat her harder and longer.

Kate said. “Do a lot of girls react like this Sister? I have never even seen the first years react so loudly or move so much?”

Charlotte added, “When you cut a big piece of my pony tail off, and when you put dog dirt in Kate’s bag, we kept quiet, like with all the hundreds of other things you did to us ALL, BUT WE ARE GLAD YOU ARE GETTING PUNISHED NOW, IT SERVES YOU RIGHT!”

Mrs Smith gripped her daughter.

She was visibly trembling with rage as Sister Samantha’s twelfth whack landed.


“SHE….DID…WHAT!?!???!?” Pass me that cane, you have felt nothing yet. You are going to get sixteen years worth of what I should have been doing!”

Suddenly Muummy looked huge, powerful and violent. Even Sister Samantha quaked. But the girls loved it. “Well done Mrs Smith, teach her a lesson!”

“Oh I will my pets, trust me I will. Stand back, give me room to swing!”

“But I am your pet, not them, no mummy, please no, mercy Mummy, mercy!”

Their chance was handed to them. “Huh!” “Huh!”

Charlotte delivered the final nail in her coffin and lit Hermionie’s fuse. “When we begged you for mercy, and wee’d ourselves through fear, you made us put our wet panties on our heads!”

This was a blatant lie, and they knew what would happen.

Mummy had never heard her daughter swear…until now!


Mummy turned red, then blue, then violet.

Sister Samantha let out a gasp.

The girls said….”Oh Hermione! Before Sister Samantha, how dare you?” And “If that was me, my mummy would make it so I would not sit for a month!”

Then they did their master stroke…

They pleaded for help, “Oh she is going to really hurt us when she gets us alone, please please, stop her from bullying us ever again Mrs Smith, please!”

They smiled at Hermione and blobbed their tongues out, just as Mummy’s first swing whistled through the air, towards the now bent over Hermione’s bare bottom!



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