Watching With Interest

This is Stephanie’s first baring of her bottom to me. She is a friend of Charlotte’s and what I want you to look at is Charlotte’s face as she watches her friend squirm a little and bare all..

I have told her to pay attention and she has not….

“Stand up Stephanie, out to the front!”

“Stop slouching. Stand up straight, shoulders back, chin up!

“Do you find something funny? Turn away from your friends, face the board, and say ten times….’I am a naughty girl and deserve a bare bottom spanking’…Go on! Turn and do it now or I will cane you!”

She turns and tells the board she is a naughty girl and deserves a spanking ten times, as she blushes.

“You two! Stop giggling or you will join her! Stephanie, turn to your right and face the projection screen, keep your eyes forward!”

“Lift your gym- slip.”

“Knickers down Stephanie!”

“Stand up straight.”

Look how Charlotte is looking at her friend, blushing away with her bottom on show. As I walked over for the plimsol, I heard her whisper, “you are going to get a spanking…”

“Clasp your hands together as if in prayer and place them between your knees young lady.”

“Now bend your knees and push that naughty bottom of yours out for a spanking.”

‘yes Sir.’ She said meekly.

I heard Charlotte and Kate both snigger. “Would you two girls like to trade places?”

‘No Sir, sorry Sir.’

”No Mr Jones, sorry Sir’, said Kate, eying my size thirteen plimsol.

With all three girls firmly in their place, I attended to the bottom of Stephanie.


P.S. I needed to keep her bottom pale for now, so no spanking took place. I saved it for the main shoot, where I caned all three of them from cold…’six of the best’ each.

You will see that eventually, but as a photographer I have to take all the pale bottom shots first.