Three Naughty Schoolgirls – Part 1

Well, where do I start? At great expense to the school I arrange a trip to the Natural History Museum in London. A large booking was made at a well known eating establishment for dinner. I took the lower sixth, that’s thirty six girls. All behaved well apart from Charlotte, Kate and Stephanie.

The next day the school received an anominous photo, which now gas eight thousand likes on social media of these three girls disgracing their school uniform by showing their bare bottoms at the back window if the bus.

I have given them detention And intend to bare the offending bottoms and give them a damn good slippering!

I have left them in disgrace writing lines.

Within five minutes of being left alone, I can hear them chattering! “Right, follow me! Enough is enough! Let’s get those bottoms bared shall we?!”

Here we are, stood looking through the window in the door. I cough, loudly! “AHEMMM!”

I burst in….

“I cannot leave you five minutes can I? All of you, on your feet, NOW!”

Much more to follow, look for my updates…