A Mystery Post!

I have loads of photos, that I just take as the girls get changed or are sat eating lunch naked, sat chatting etc….

They don’t mind, and if ever they did, I would not keep it. It’s all about trust. But they know it is what I do and often let out a little shriek or giggle at being caught with their knickers down etc…I love it!

I don’t file them, they are iggledy piggely stored all over the bloody place! I should have started this years ago, but I didn’t.

So better late than never as they say! I now have somewhere to store and display them. Here!

No particular order, I suspect there will be a part two to this, I have loads. I am not going to search for them, as I spot one I’ll pop it in here.

“Oi! I’m watching you Asa!”
‘Funny that! I am watching you too!’….CLICK
We were just setting up a shoot and Charlotte said..”…what? Like this?”


A little Christmas treat for me…

There are certain advantages in following Charlotte up the stairs during a shoot which uses different floors of my studio!

Here is Kate getting changed into a Victorian dress…

More to come, look out for updates to see when I put some in.