Charlotte’s Eighth Visit to Miss Kenworthy ~ The Senior (Dragon) Cane

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Chapter 10 – Charlotte gets the Dragon Cane

There was a subtle change in the relationship between Charlotte and Tamara after the caning. Their conversations became more in depth and their trips to the darker side became fascinating for them both. Charlotte, having tasted the cane across her bare supple cheeks, wanted more.

It was a Friday afternoon, after school had finished for the week, that Miss Kenworthy met Charlotte in her ‘Punishment Room’. After a long talk about dominance and submission, she then took her to my office.

Charlotte looked around wide-eyed at the traditional Headmaster’s desk. It was a heavy oak Captain’s Desk with a blue-colour inlaid leather top, upon which lay a variety of intimidating implements…canes, straps and wooden rulers. Hanging from the wall panelling was a traditional crook-handles school cane. Charlotte felt excited by the sight, wondering how many naughty young ladies had been bent across this desk to have their bottoms bared and soundly thrashed.

“Right then, young lady,” said Miss Kenworthy, “Let’s get your bottom ready.” She proceeded to lift Charlotte’s tiny pleated skirt and roll her knickers down to just below her bottom cheeks, which had the effect of pushing her flesh into an even rounder shape.

Miss Kenworthy then picked up a very whippy and threatening looking cane from the desk and flexed it between her hands, saying, “I am going to give you a taste of a senior cane Charlotte. They are often called ‘dragon canes because of the firey stripes that they create! I am going to give you six very hard strokes. They’ll hurt like blazes. Each stinging stroke will make your bottom burn and will create a beautiful red stripe across your lovely young bottom. I hope that you’ll enjoy this as much as I will. You have a bottom that just begs for a sound caning, my girl.”

“This is going to hurt a lot,” thought Charlotte, feeling a contradictory mixture of fear and rising excitement.

Miss Kenworthy tapped the desk. “Assume the position over this desk.”

Charlotte complied, bending forward over the desk with her legs slightly parted, stretched elegantly out behind her. Miss Kenworthy rolled up Charlotte’ skirt and placed her hand on the girl’s back, tapping the cane across her now naked buttocks to check her aim.

“Are you ready Charlotte?” asked Miss Kenworthy.

After a short pause, Charlotte replied “Yes Miss, I’m ready,” and then added, eager to please her Mistress, “Please cane me very hard. Please Mistress, make me feel every stroke and cry out.”

With a broad smile on her face, Miss Kenworthy started to cane Charlotte, and didn’t hold back. She raised the cane high and brought it swooshing down, landing across Charlotte’s bottom with a loud and very satisfying THWACK!

Charlotte let out an agonised squeal of pain, but held her position. Her buttocks twitched involuntarily as they tried to absorb the burning sting.

And so Charlotte’s caning slowly continued, the cane slashing down across her exposed bottom to leave another and another red line to mark its arrival…

Swish! Thwack!

Swish! Thwack!

Swish! Thwack!

Each time she gasped and cried out, her bottom writhing and then settling to await the next stroke. Miss Kenworthy noted with pleasure that Charlotte seemed to raise her bottom ever so slightly towards her after she had settled, almost as an invitation to her to deliver the next cane stroke. ‘Here is a true submissive,’ she thought.

The final stroke was delivered, the Swish! Thwack! amplified by the room’s acoustics.

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