Samantha in her school uniform, bending over for a spanking.

Sometimes this is all you want isn’t it? A pretty girl, in a classroom having to bend over. A nice dimple pleasure….lol

I was just going to correct that to simple pleasure, but it’s kind of nice isn’t it.

Phwaaar, let’s get naked and have some dimple pleasure…. Can I rub my dick end in your dimples? What about filling every dimple on your body up with my spunk you dirty little bitch!….lol

chuckle…. Once again I confirm my silliness and perverted mind!

Can’t for the life of me see why you come here so often to be honest. Maybe my smile draws you in huh? God! I’m a good lookin’ son of a gun!

Anyway….lol…Samantha in my classroom!

Well, I have recovered myself now! Back to normal.

Here she is, bottom bare, before the class. Shall we turn her around to show her bottom to the class? Or tell her to keep her head up and say ‘Sorry Class’ after every whack. And what shall we use? A tawse? The cane hung on the blackboard? The ruler, plastic or wood? Our hand? Or shall we fetch the plimsol?