Blushing Buns Cafe – Extras

Hopefully you have read my stories about this cafe, click here for part one…

And here for part two…

Like most shoots I do, I tend to overdo the quantity, here are some I did not use in the stories. Nothing wrong with them, you’ll like them.

I love it here, it is the building where I sell my antiques. I got all my desks from here, and shot the naked shopping trip here. All the people know what I do and let me have my girls serving friends sometimes. I put on events now and then and these followers came for an evening cup of tea and a scone, any mistakes by the waitresses punished by a spanking.

I often sit here, when vanilla customers are in, completely unaware that over coffee I am writing my stories, or editing photos. I feel quite daring!

Also, when I have had a client for a spanking, and afterwards they want a chat about all I do and our shared interest, I bring them here. The girls in the cafe know, and love to make my clients blush by putting. Cushion on their seat.

“Oh gosh! Do they know?” They ask.

… ‘Of course!’ I reply with a smile, and blush they do, especially when they bring pink iced buns out, free of charge. One each, and I add, “…welcome to my Blushing Buns Cafe.”