You Naughty Girl Samantha! Get to my Office, Now! Number – 1

Samantha is such a naughty girl. The sweetest of smiles, the politest of attitude, and she could charm the apples off the tree. But she gets into all sorts of mischief.

Today I have had enough, she wrote formulae all on her upper thigh, thinking that no teacher would be brave enough to ask her to lift her skirt. But as she leaned over to her bag, in the exam hall, she fell off her chair, only six feet from me. I could see the whole of her knickers, never mind her thighs, covered in ink. How the rest of year 12 laughed, especially when I grabbed her ear to take her out, telling her that a bare bottom slippering was heading her way!

She is in the toilets as I speak to you, washing her thighs. Oh, there is a knock….”Come in!”

I have a long leather Chesterfield sofa in my office, you will notice that the arm is very worn, I often bend a girl over the arm, and years of wriggling has made quite a scuff mark. It is a tradition that on a girls first couple of visits they go over the sofa.

“Right young lady, I view cheating very seriously! You are getting a dozen of the tawse across your cheeks! Now get to the sofa, and bend over!”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

I must say, that she presented her bare bottom very well, don’t you agree?

I’ll just get the red leather tawse and wrap it around her bottom. My word! She is going to jump and squeal!