Three Naughty Schoolgirls – Part 4

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It wasn’t long before the three girls were back, Charlotte, Kate and Stephanie had been playing truant. Three best friends off with a cold the same day? Their notes in the same hand writing and word for word the same. I got them in the detention room.

“Your choice is simple, admit your guilt and you will get the plimsol a dozen each, make me ring your parents to find out the truth, and it will be a dozen of the cane each, on the stage in the Assembly Hall, before the school. What’s it to be?” I asked.

“I told a fib and am sorry Mr.Jones. I played truant.” Said Charlotte.

“I did the same, sorry Sir.” Said Kate.

“Me too Mr Jones.” Confessed Stephanie.

“Then get in a line again and bare those naughty bottoms for me.”

“Yes Sir.” “Yes Sir.” “Yes Sir.”…

“I have put the form their for you to kneel on. I want you all on there kneeling, hands to the floor, bare bottom up.”

With all the girls in position, ‘bottoms up high’, I pulled their crisp, white school knickers down, left to right.

And there they were, presented, three bare bottoms for spanking. Each slightly different, but all lovely specimens of the female bottom.

I studied them, and made them wait, in shame, squirming in embarrassment.

I made my way right to left, standing at their heads, my legs each side of their ears, my left hand in the small of their back and gave them all a hard dozen with my size fifteen plimsol.


I know you want to see their red bottoms, but in a shoot it is not that easy sometimes. I do eventually cane them over a vaulting horse, one at a time as the other two girls hold ankles and wrists. But I wanted to cane from cold, my favourite and theirs. So on this occasion I did not spank.

As you will see.