Two Naughty Girls Thrashed

Two naughty girls Charlotte and Sarah are always in trouble, usually it us just non stop chattering or similar.

This last time, after repeatedly being told by a young female teacher to be quiet, they were put on detention….again.

The girls were very rude to the teacher, who got upset and went to fetch Mr. Jones, who had just had disturbing news. Two girls from his school have been captured stealing on security cameras in a local shop shop, on Wednesday afternoon. He had just gone through the registers and two girls had been off, supposedly with a tummy bug. Charlotte and Sarah!

Luckily the Proprietor was an ex-pupil and said she would not take the matter to the police, if he dealt with it. She sent him a copy of the video, he replied assuring her of dealing with it seriously. She knew what that meant, and also knew the police would probably just caution them, so was very happy.

The e-mail came through, and there they were, on video, stealing! He was furious, just as the young teacher Miss Smiley knocked at the door. She told him about their blatant disregard for her authority, she was upset and close to tears.

He quickly told her about the video, and asked her to confirm their identity. With a smile, she did. Mr Jones passed her a tawse, and picked up his cane. “Follow me Miss Smiley!”

The two girls were larking about, making fun of Miss Smiley. “Oh Miss Smiley, we are so naughty, you must spank us! Then we can spank you!”

Those words were said just as Mr.Jones and Miss Smiley stood at the door, about to enter. “WE HEARD THAT!”

The girls froze as my voice bought fear into their hearts. “I have just had a message from ‘Fossbetts’ the shop in the High Street, about two thieves they caught on camera, just as I was checking their identity and absentee records, in came Miss Smiley here, to tell me of your rudeness and lack of respect!! So, not only are you messing about and ridiculing her in the classroom in her absence, wearing non regulation knickers, and non regulation stockings, you also write notes allegedly from your parents about a tummy bug, take an afternoon off and start a life of crime! Miss Smiley has just confirmed your identity.”

She smiled cynically at them as they looked a her.

I continued…”I have promised to deal with the matter, rather than get the Police involved. Miss Smiley is going to spank your bare bottoms…”

Her face lit up as again she smiled at them.

…”then I am going to give you the tawse, on the bare, for being rude. Then I am going to cane your bare buttocks, without mercy for letting me down, the school down, your parents down, who will get a letter! And of course you have let yourselves down. Now bend over and bare your bottoms for Miss Smiley to smack!”

Miss Smiley being a timid young woman, smacked their bottoms. Hardly making a mark, but she seemed pleased and content.

“Miss Smiley, if you will, I would like you to witness their punishment from me.”

“Oh yes Mr Jones, of course.” Once again the smile and the stare came from her delighted face to the naughty girls.

“Out to the stool, Both of you, you get over first Charlotte!”

“Why have you pulled those ridiculous pink panties up? Take them down!”

How Miss Smiley enjoyed the nervous fumbling.

I gave her wriggling bottom six with the tawse, and then picked up the cane to give her six with that. The ferocity of my caning shocked Miss Smiley, but she did not take her eyes off the spectacle of kicking legs and squeals.

“Change place!”

Sarah took her position as Charlotte stood to watch.

“Let that be a lesson you both. Now get to the front and display your punished bottoms.”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

“Yes Mr.Jones.”

Miss Smiley watched , as struggling to walk, they got into position.

I instructed them to bend over to display their punished bottoms, with their noses to the projection screen.

I left Miss Smiley in charge of them, after telling the girls to stay there for half an hour.

I turned as I left, Miss Smiley beamed at me. She will have no more trouble from them.