Kato Kahuro ~ Spanking Artist

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So what do we know about him?

He specialises in the firm young buttocks of Victorian 17-19 year old girls. Usually in situations of dire dominance, often in public and always in the dress of the era, circ 1850 – 1910. He wrote and illustrated a novel about a young girl, an orphan from the Titanic, who ends up in a delightfully delicious, perverse household, where she befriends another girl. Other girls at the orphanage appear in some illustrations. His style is usually pen and ink, with various parts filled in in red, which gives them a seductive, alluring, spankingly sensual appearance to the eye. It’s amazing what red can do!

He is or was Japanese. Some of his art has girls in the style of dress above but obviously oriental in appearance and Japanese writing on them.

My compliments to him, fantastic. I have always liked bloomers, and have some for my models, so expect one of my tributes one day…some day!

I will start with some illustrations from the book, in black and white…

You can find all the above with the red, if you search the web, but I wanted to make the look a little different. Here is his more flambuoyent style…

Strangely beautiful, thought provoking, slightly disturbing, exciting and exotic. What stories were in his mind as he painted?

When I am even older than I am, and the day comes when I cannot shoot much….I will write lots of little stories to all the artists work, like I have done already to many. An impossible task, but I think I know to whom I will leave all this. But no need to think about that too much, yet.