A Tribute to Herric – No 4 in my photographic series dedicated to the great spanking artists.

Another tribute from me, remember, these are not a copy of an artwork, but what I have produced from its inspiration.

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How could I pick one? I couldn’t this is just the first of his.

With the help of Kate, who is bent over the stool, and Charlotte and Stephanie, I have created these. I will do another, with a ‘clothed female naked female theme’, eventually. But I had the girls together for a previous artist and this thought came to me…

Imagine a house, where the submissive maid is used by two Mistresses.

The mind boggles doesn’t it? There have been so many people on earth, so many variations in collections of people living or working together. To think I have ended up knowing beautiful spanking minds and people like my girls for one! But what I mean is….whatever I photograph, whatever I write, there is an extremely high likely hood that somewhere, behind a window of some house, in some town, this….happened.

On a car journey, or a train maybe, as you pass by some closed curtains, it could be happening today!?

When I am in my studio, I never think of all the people who have walked by, completely oblivious to the fact that I am taking photos like this. Now here is a thought for you, ‘just look at all the photos like mine, produced every day. Not just in studios but houses and all sorts of places. Just how close have you been, completely unaware, to a spanking of a beautiful bottom!’

Take care, stay safe!