Saint Helena Adult Schoolgirls – Part Three

To see the rest you will have to click here and do a little bit of investigating! Not a job you will find arduous, in fact you have to push your way through lots of young plump rosey red spanked bottoms! So go to the start of the story I am constructing…it is a huge jumble of links, but quite navigatable…

…at this point you should have met Karen, a naughty young woman sent straight from court, to serve her sentence at Saint Helena High School for wayward girls….No? Did you get lost? Oh dear….lol I should have given you a bumpass …..that is like a compass, but shaped like a bum to guide you through….::chuckle::….yes I know! There is only me laughing….lol

So try these…


So Karen, now naked, began to put her uniform on. It was a strange sensation, yet not entirely unpleasant. Miss Kenworthy seemed to grow in stature, and she, herself seemed to shrink. She felt girl like, a nice feeling. An English word, ‘gaukey’ would fit, she stood awkwardly in her nakedness, finding it hard to stand to attention anymore, especially as Miss Kenworthy produced a huge pair of navy blue school knickers for her to wear.

They were huge! Miss Kenworthy loved it, making a confident, cocky individual squirm in embarrassment. She held the knickers up. “Now put these on you naughty girl.”

Miss Kenworthy smiled at the tormented expression of the changeling as she slowly transformed into a school girl, a schoolgirl she was soon to spank, hard. Next came the socks and blouse. Which Miss Kenworthy threw nonchalantly.

The seriousness of the situation sank deeper and deeper. Yesterday she was a modern young woman, in modern clothes in a world full of shops, cinemas, restaurants and such like. Now, here she was, almost as if she had time travelled to the early sixties. Her nervous fingers fumbled, Miss Kenworthy seemed awe inspiring, threatening and full of self assurance.

Then came the skirt, a very short pleated one, her bottom somehow began to feel vulnerable. Another not entirely unpleasant sensation.

And then, the tie. Miss Kenworthy was strict, but not unfeeling. She had seen the nervous fingers, and was pleased to. She walked up close, exuding authority, and in her high heels, and Karen in her socks, she seemed to tower threateningly over her.

And there she was, Karen the naughty school girl, soon to have her bottom bared for a severe over the knee spanking. How wonderful Miss Kenworthy felt, like a customer in a restaurant seeing her Sunday dinner coming on a silver tray.

“Now go and face the wall, whilst I get ready.” Commanded Miss Kenworthy.

‘yes Miss.’ Replied a timid, naughty Karen… she thought, ‘Ready? Ready for what?’


We know don’t we?

See you soon, keep looking for updates.