The Visit – Part 8

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…obviously very much aroused and eager to try anything now, Kate walked on to the next apparatus. A thick bamboo cane over two ‘Keeler Chairs’…

“Oh, that is an interesting arrangement Mr. Jones, ooooh a cane! I like canes!”

She picked it up and flexed it. “Oh Mr.Jones, I bet this wraps right around my bottom at every stroke.”

She began to thrust against the mattress, whilst tapping her bottom quickly with the cane and had another orgasm within a minute. “I will tell everyone what you do you know Kate.”

“Oh please do Mr Jones!”

I took the cane off her and placed it between her cheeks, pressing it into her crack, for a couple of last shots.

She said the uncontrolled touch and slight tickling of the cane felt lovely and pumped away more vigorously to another orgasm….the naughty girl.

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