The Spanking of an Adult School Girl at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls

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Karen stood my Miss Kenworthy, in the uniform she had just changed into, feeling nervous, but also strangely aroused. To be transformed into a school girl by stripping naked and then putting a school uniform on before her, had not been an unpleasant experience. The authority of the magnificent Miss Kenworthy oozed from her every pore. So she complied, meekly, and in a strange way, hoped to please her…”I hope she likes my bottom” she thought as she bent over.

As Karen settled on to the warm soft lap of Miss Kenworthy, she felt almost excited, the thought of having her skirt raised and knickers pulled down by this woman, was arousing. She felt moist.

And down they came…

Oh, by the way, just look at the expression on Samantha’s face in the next few shots….is she enjoying pulling these down or what!?

What a lovely moment this is, a blank canvass, the point of no return passed, all ready for the first smack!

Miss Kenworthy picks her spot, rests her hand on the cool soft cheek and…

The smacks land quickly and hard, Miss Kenworthy has a heavy hand…

Next Miss Kenworthy pushed the cheeks of Karen’s bottom together, a favourite little trick of hers, so her hand can span both wriggling cheeks!

The legs began to kick, her waist trying to sway out of the way, her feet pushing up in an attempt to escape the fire hot smacks, all to no avail…

With a flurry of fast quick smacks the spanking came to an abrupt end, the squealing, kicking, wriggling Karen was told to get up…

Corner time next….

See you soon.