Ellen von Unwerth – No 29 in my ‘Great Spanking Artists and Photographers’ Section.

This lady from Germany, born in Frankfurt 1954, and still producing great work with her camera, is No 29 in my series of what I consider to be ‘the Great Spanking Artists’, most are artists with pen or brush, but some photographers slip into that category as easily as a cane into a headmaster or Headmistress’s hand! Some you have seen already, there will be more.

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This lady is much more than a fetish or spanking photographer. I admire her work greatly, as I do all the others. Originally from Bavaria, she started her career in the 1980s and has gone on building up her impressive portfolio ever since. Just type her name into any search engine and prepare to be blown away.

Here is a quote about her spanking work…”I love all the old pictures—of spanking and Bettie Page and corsets. But you can’t do spanking in fashion, so I wanted to do a project where I could really let go and get girls who also love those things.”

Here are some of my favourites…

Brilliant work isn’t it.

My compliments to her and her team.