Corner Time for an Adult Schoolgirl at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls

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The bare bottom, over the knee spanking over, Miss Kenworthy told Karen to stand before the blackboard.

A tearful Karen took her place, but Miss Kenworthy soon put an end to any thoughts of her punishment being over. “Don’t think your bottom has done yet young lady!”……SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!

She tested the temperature of the naughty girls bottom by holding her palm against a cheek. “Oh yes, it needs more cooking!”

She stood.

Karen waited nervously, feeling her looking. ‘What next?’…

“What next Miss Kenworthy?” Asked Karen, a little louder.

“I am going to teach you not to talk during punishments unless spoken to!” Scoffed Miss Kenworthy. “Now keep you hands on your head, don’t move, and stay quiet.”

She left Karen there, whilst she went to the staff room to make herself a cup of tea. All this spanking is a thirsty business.

As the clock ticked, distant traffic passed, radiators clicked, and the sound of school echoed in the corridors, she thought a lot about her new situation. The warmth of the spanking sank in. Phrases like ‘More Cooking Needed!’ made her shake.

Then her body stiffened. She heard the distinctive ‘high heel’ footsteps of her returning. Closer and closer she got, as all other sounds faded away. The door gently closed. She hear Miss Kenworthy sniff. She was watching her.

Karen stood still, like a rock. She knew that Miss Kenworthy’s eyes were on her bottom…

More to come, enjoying it? Hope so.